Manaria Friends Episode 1
Anne and Grea sub

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Aired 3 days ago
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u/BlackSwordsman95 · 2 weeks ago
The start of this series should explain the function of the world they're in and what's going on. All I'm getting about this TV Series is a lesbian vibe and awkward moments, but I'm sure that this can be a great show with a little more detailing and adventure.
u/_Joary_ · 1 week ago
"Originally titled Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends, the series is an adaptation of the "Mysteria Academy" or "Manaria Mahō Gakuin" event in the Rage of Bahamut social game, and is unrelated to the second season of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, which was also adapted from the game." - wikipedia the show is part of a universe, and the specifics we will get to know overtime w/ gradual world building
u/Hazard · 2 weeks ago
How gentle and sweet. Dey gun fuc?
u/xspartan117x2 · 1 week ago
found a new dragon waifu
u/blu3s0da · 1 week ago
I wonder what the difference is between grea and Nina(virgin soul), they're both human+dragon, but grea's dragon parts are out...
u/blu3s0da · 1 week ago
Grea is so darn cute xD
u/Enjii · 2 weeks ago
I dont like how this is going
u/_Joary_ · 1 week ago
wtf you on about. this is clearly what we signed up for!
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 2 weeks ago
When it says this episode will air in Jan 21 but its barley Jan 3rd, XD
u/Sunny649 · 2 weeks ago
Pre-airing. Just like Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari was pre-aired too