Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 14
The Crimson Knight sub

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Aired 1 week ago
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u/stupeduck 路 1 week ago
thank you very much for making this beautiful website. 馃槃
u/DvHunta 路 1 week ago
I came from gogoanime and it was lagging like a mf and i couldnt even watch in 720 but on this site i can. :)
u/d3wa 路 1 week ago
same here!
u/BlackSwordsman95 路 1 week ago
I bet the two girls are integrity knights... preparing to fight them...
u/Fullweab 路 1 week ago
I mean they do have swords... They also are standing in the way of Kirito and Eugeo. I'm guessing they are child prodigies that have become integrity knights
u/PickleMikL 路 1 week ago
One of the girls is the person from Rulid village that gave kirito his pillow and blanket and him and eugeo had to save from the goblins.
u/soto_62 路 2 days ago
nah dude, these girls are not from the village
u/PickleMikL 路 1 week ago
I think.
u/Reinorich 路 1 week ago
If they are, The pontifex is weird as hell. Controlling little kids to fight...
u/ReversedBlank 路 1 week ago
I Can't Wait For The Up And Coming Episodes 馃榿馃榿
u/PotatoGirl9000 路 23 hours ago
hm. I liked the old intro better, but damn, this is a lot better than season 1 and 2
u/Key_Xiong 路 3 days ago
Damn this new Naruto Intro looks nice.
u/Fullweab 路 23 hours ago
Was that supposed to be a joke?
u/Ceebee 路 6 days ago
Sugoiiiiii..... ^_^
u/itsyg0 路 6 days ago
Wow.. they ignore Asuna on this arc.
u/AFoxInTheWires 路 1 week ago
Oh shit, it's the twins! RUN!
u/albertsacsi 路 1 week ago
what is that song ??? opening & end song ???
u/PickleMikL 路 1 week ago
Resister and forget me not.
u/d3wa 路 1 week ago
nice OP btw