Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 1
The Shield Hero sub

4.9 (266 votes)
Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/kusomiso · 2 weeks ago
Those 3 idiot heroes don't know what's coming for them. I'm so angry at them I hope they get rekt by Naofumi
u/Kvothe · 1 week ago
yes, i cant wait to see thier faces :D :D
u/mhetz · 2 weeks ago
As a manga reader this is so good
u/cooljere1 · 2 weeks ago
i agree not gonna give spoilers but don't underestimate the power of the shield :D
u/Ceebee · 2 weeks ago
Superb opening with a twist.... Can't wait for more EPs...
u/Loner · 2 weeks ago
Never expected more of the mangas i read before is getting adaptation already, 2019 might not be bad after all
u/cooljere1 · 2 weeks ago
2019 might be the best year for anime we've got like 12 different new anime coming out including yasukou no neverland which is a great one to watch.Like if you agree
u/Chillx · 3 hours ago
I feel like the power of anger will effect his power to be more high idk why
u/autophobe · 3 days ago
The animation is beautiful! It seems like they're doing a great adaptation!
u/GioGio_is_Best · 4 days ago
u/sawit27703 · 1 week ago
; w; Don't wanna wait the first part...but well...
u/minecraftpikachu · 1 week ago
I waited for years to watch this anime
u/Rain · 1 week ago
As a manga fan this is a good anime adaptation so far