Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 14
The One Who Devours All sub

4.8 (671 votes)
Aired 2 weeks ago
Updated January 20, 2019 · 113.9k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/Satan · 2 weeks ago
This episode was worth the delay. uwu
u/DarkLord · 1 week ago
it was worth waiting for 2 weeks for that Develepment they did to the caracters and thier Power.
u/KinaGeno · 2 weeks ago
What a Worth Waiting with just how beautiful the Character's Development is..
u/Sunny649 · 2 weeks ago
waow! First one to actually have an Auto-battle-mode! x'D
u/Idontknow · 2 weeks ago
nice site
u/theClockIsOff · 2 weeks ago
yeah right
u/sadtre · 2 weeks ago
I fell sorry for the orc lord for being used like he did
u/nyokam · 2 weeks ago
i wonder how op he is going to be after devouring something that powerful ??
u/MysteriousGuy · 2 weeks ago
So is he becoming a deity or something? Because from what it looks like whatever he eats goes to the devoureds ideal life after death after absolving them of their sins
u/Hazard · 2 weeks ago
You can't just auto a Boss fight!!! ....Can you? ...Maybe I should break out Lunar II again.
u/DarkLord · 2 weeks ago
i was waiting for this the whole time.
u/Fullweab · 1 day ago
I didn't know Speed wagon was in this anime...
u/OnlyGwoah · 1 week ago
I love it.